Line Trace Fire and Destructable Mesh

I have weapon fire system working with line trace. It is killing AI actors but I add destructable mesh into world. When fire that it is not destroy. If my FP character enable collision, then it is successfuly destroy. I enabled draw debug in fire system, I can see line trace point to object. What is the issue in this case?

You can find screenshots of destructable mesh, firing system (2 part) and line trace debug as attached.


With your line trace you need need to use field systems to apply force to the chaos fracture collections.

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Thank you for your reply, but I think there is another way to destruct this kind of objects with line trace. I watched some videos who has line trace shooting system but there is not much different (I think so) but it is not working properly for me.

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You can try applying internal or external strain on the collection and it should break at the point

Depending on you break parameters in your collection the values needed might vary.


There is no option like strain.
I checked collisions and try somethings but it’s not resolve the issue.
How to line trace find and decide to destroy destructable object?
When I hit object, it is giving the name of hit actor. But that is it.

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There is a limit for the force needed to break the collection (its in the collections details panel) by default its 50000 or somethimg of that magnitude.

cast to that but nothing like strain. This is unreal engine 4 btw

What built 4.27?

I resolve the issue.
I removed box collision then add custom event take damage which is used for AI
Then it’s working.
Thank you for your time

Dude after about 9 hours of countless searching how to destroy a chaos actor - i come across this! and it worked! thank you so much for sharing!