Line trace doesnt hit object in 30% of cases

Hi guys :slight_smile:

The BP: Simple Line Trace By Channel where Start is Actor World Location, and the end is Get Hit Under Cursor By Channel where from Break Hit Results we take Location.
Everything work (almost), i see trace and its behavior as expected, but in 30% of cases, line trace doesnt hit the object and give me - 0.0.0 on xyz.
Object where am I shooting are default Cube (not BSP brush).

Why this is happening?

Update: the problem is that trace doesnt collide with object sometimes.

Check collision on the hit actor/object, and maybe a “is valid” branch after the linetrace.

turn on debug draw on the trace… you can see where it is and what it is hitting.

Are you hitting self? there is checkbox to disable hitting self.

I done it from start. Trace work fine but not every time :frowning: