Line Trace doesn't detects HISM component

It doesn’t detects a hit when it “hits” a HISM component. The line trace is working with other objects, except the ones with Hierarchical Instanced Static Meshes.
The project was made using 4.15.0 and the line traces worked sometimes, but not always. Now, with 4.15.1 it doesn’t works at all.

One update: It really seems to be an engine error, because it doesn’t works when I play the level in New Editor Window, but the trace hits the HISM component when I play it in Mobile Preview (my game is mobile)

Hey AzorMachine,

I’ve tested this on my end and it appears to be working. I created an actor containing a HISM component and shot a line trace at it from my character. It successfully casted to the HISMActor and printed the message that I set up.

Could you please reproduce the issue as simply as possible in a clean project and provide me with a detailed list of repro steps I can use to see the same behavior on my end?

Thanks for the fast reply Sean. Here it is: Google Drive: Sign-in
It just doesn’t hits the HISM component in the scene. My game was made using the 2D SideScroller project, so all the default configuration are the same.

Try setting the HISM to moveable or static, or creating a moveable root component (such as a scene component) and then you can keep the HISM as stationary. After doing this, the trace worked as expected and printed to the log.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Have a great day

Well, first of all, why it should work? Because the HISM was already stationary. But well, it kinda works.
I have a lot of objects in the level that traces for HISM components, and even with your answer, sometimes it fails. But hey, that’s better, it wasn’t working at all before your suggestion.

I’ll look into this now and report back if I come across any other solutions.

One thing to note: Have you tested this in 4.16? If not, upgrade a copy of the project and give it a shot. Let me know if the trace works there.

have a question. If I create a actor blueprint and then add a Hierarchical Instanced Static Meshes component and then create instances within that component. How can I line trace to hit those individual instances within my HISM component?

Hit Item is the instance’s index within the HISM. You may want to untick Ignore Self in this very scenario.

what node would I use from Hit Item? Thanks

This is my code so far for the line trace, in my debug it just comes back as hit or not hit… ill need to return the HISM element from the array list. need to do this in code

Got it to work using the Highlighted code.