Line Trace Component result both true and false

Hello, I’m not experienced in blueprint (i’m learning) and I require your help for something you may find basic.

I’ve created a blueprint in which you can pick multiple actors and I want these actors to be highlighted at the same time when the player is looking one of them at least.
For this I used a “Line trace component” node. But right now, the result happens to be true AND false at the same time when the player is not looking all the picked actors directly. Therefore only 1 of the actors (the one the player is directly looking at) is highlighted.

The picture below will help you to understand :

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much :slight_smile:


I found the solution by myself.

You can use “Contains” do see if the array have the item. It already return a bool.

Even better :slight_smile: thank you!

When you right click on “Out Hit” you can expand the node instead of using “break result”, It’s availaible with a lot of node

Avec un clic droit sur “Out hit”, tu peux étendre le noeud au lieu d’utiliser un “break result”, c’est valable pour tout un tas d’autres noeuds

Ah oui merci

Ah ou merci, cool ça simplifie encore un peu le blueprint :slight_smile: