Line Trace Component not working with ISMC?

I can’t get “Line Trace Component” to work with an HierarchicalInstancedStaticMeshComponent. I am positive that all the parameters are fine, because I used the visualization option, and using “Line Trace By Channel” with the same input results in a hit. I’d rather just trace against the component though, because I imagine it’s much more efficient filtering out all the other potential hits from the start.

The background is that I need to detect the “Item” ID of an ISMC instance involved in a collision event. Since you don’t get this data in the HitResult of a hit-event (-1), I need to do an additional raytrace inside the OnHit-implementation using the impact location and normal of the collision, just to get the ID of the instance that was hit. All other actors and components need to be filtered out anyway, and with lots of physics-simulated stuff moving around on my ISMCs performance might actually suffer, so it would be best to only trace against the ISMC in the first place.

So… can anyone confirm that Line Trace Component does or does’nt work with ISMCs or have an idea what I might be doing wrong?

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