line trace collision

okay, can’t figure this out. So I have a melee sword combat game. When you the player block an AIs attack, they go into a short “recoil” animation montage. When the player goes to attack right after they block the AI, the sword swings through the AI but won’t register a hit… It works fine ever other time, so it seems like it has something to do collision not working when the AI is in a anim montage… but that isn’t always the case because other anim montage can get interrupted… so I’m just kind of lost. This doesn’t work on server, client or standalone.

Here is how it starts, the “DAMAGE STATE” Anim notify triggers in the anim montage (for attacking)

The anim notify runs an event to the main weapon BP “Sword_Active”

When the Sword is “Active” it runs this line trace in the Weapon Master BP

During debug… it just seems like it is not picking up collision at all right after the AI goes into the recoil animation montage…

I switched to a sphere colision “on overlap” event instead of line trace and that works much better… no idea why the line trace doesn’t work sometimes, but collision sphere works fine instead.