Line trace clipping problem (know issue?)

I’m attempting to make a laser for a sentry gun using a particle BP that has clipping issues.

I have one line trace to track the player character model and another to project the laser and impact location. To make the laser more noticeable I made it yellow, the line trace red, and the clip indicator is green.

The laser works fine when projected against static objects like walls and proper clipping occurs and the impact projected where it’s should be but the same clipping is not occurring on skeletal pawn or character player models and the laser passes through.

The only way I’ve been able to get the trace to work is to set the collision of the player model to “blockall” but then tracking the players position is lost in the process.

Checking around it seems that others are also having the same problem that has me thinking either I missed something or it’s a know issue and any kind of direction would be helpful.

Any suggestions?