Line Trace Check If Character Is Hit?

Hi, how would I make this line trace’s break hit result check if the object that was hit was a character, and link up to that second branch, so if it was a character that was hit, I can take health off, and if it wasn’t a character it will spawn an emitter instead? (I’m aware it needs to be the second ‘False’ that’s linked to the ‘Spawn Emitter at Location’, just keeping it this way so it still works) I’m thinking all I need is for the break hit results to somehow check if the hit item was a skeletal mesh for the condition, then for ‘True’ find the ‘parent’? of the skeletal mesh, such as ThirdPersonCharacter (But not always ThirdPersonCharacter, so I’m thinking it needs to check if it’s a skeletal mesh then find where the linked character’s blueprint is to remove said characters health, if that makes any sense? Sorry, I’m not the best at describing things, haha.

Eventually I want it to chop limbs off of the character that is hit (Except for ThirdPersonCharacter), if that makes any difference, to avoid trouble in the future?