Line trace by channel ON child(primitive)

So I was wondering if it is possible to retrieve a primitive child with a ‘‘line trace by channel’’ if it is a child of an actor?

Made up example: ActorObject

      ObjectBigRobotArm (primitive)
          ObjectBigRobotArmFinger (primitive)

The method I use is
LineTraceByChannel, OutHit/BreakResult HitActor
Then I compare the hit actor.

Now this awlays return the ActorObject Name.

If I use
Hit Component
It return nothing, the line trace goes trough the object until it hit another actor.


Hi aGrumpyKoala.

  1. Please ensure the child primitive component has the correct collision settings applied so it is visible to the line trance. Also, ensure that the primitive child actually has a collision mesh applied.

  2. On the “LineTrace…” node, ensure “IgnoreSelf” is set to false.

Hope this helps.