Line Trace by Channel - Buttons


I’m having an issue working with the node Line Trace by Channel, refering to the new Epic tutorial - Adding Interraction (4.7) :

After doing this tutorial step by step, everything worked like a charm, so i decided to implement this in my personnal project.
However, i’m facing a problem, i mapped one button (F) to interact by LookingAt with the Line Trace By Channel, and the same button (F) ton open doors when i step in a Trigger volume. Now, my event (F) won’t use the node Line Trace by Channel but my doors are still functional, the only workaround i found is to use two buttons but I do not want to use this method.
Is there a way to solve this ?

Thx !

One option would be to use a single F Key node. Just put a sequence after the F, and down one line will be your Line Trace, and the other will lead to your gate and the door opening logic.

Thx it’s working and it helped me a lot !

I’m pretty new with Blueprint and the way to handle it.