Line trace by channel broken, always return distance = 0

hey everyone. I got a troube with line trace by channel and really need your help.

My line trace hit immediately even there nothing in front of them. distance result always 0, hit result always true, but seem line trace hit itself. ( PICTURE BELOW). do you have any idea???

What actor is it hitting? You can print its name from the hit result.

Also, do you intent to always trace in +X direction?.

Make sure it’s not hitting anything else in your character. I had this issue in an FPS game because the trace was hitting the Character Mesh that was attached to my character. Also as earlier stated, are you purposefully only tracing on X? You’d typically want at least X and Y for a trace in most cases.

ok, i fixed it. turn out hdri sky collision was set to block all, and my character inside that collision. So i set hdri sky to no collision and everything is fixed

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