Line Trace by Channel as a scan good idea?


So basically I’m making an FPS game from scratch using blueprints and I was wondering is it a good idea to use line trace by channel’s impact location/location to scan where my bullet should land via tick or would that function overflow my game?..because what im planning to do is have a beam as my projectile from gun to impact point which is predetermined by the line trace by channel impact location/location to center screen.

Like so:

My current setup is the Red line…What I really want is the Green line from gun to center screen… would that be a good idea?

yes. you will need the degree of red and green line to each other and than you rotate the projectile so it hits the target point when shooting. the “generic shooter” project does it this way I think.

It’s okay to use a single line trace each tick.

Thanks! :smiley: