Line trace and can't move component in Blueprint

Thanks to try to help me :slight_smile:

I have some problem, I try to create a prototype of a 2D Game and I have some problem.
First, this is my Character Blueprint

As you can see, there is a sphere called “CapsuleComponent” the problem is, I can’t move it! And so I have some problem of collision because the top of the body don’t have this capsule, so, how can I move this?
Additionally, I can’t delete it!

The second problem is, I would like to **hide **the sphere in game

As you can see, when I wall Jump into a wall I have a **green **sphere and when I jump without a wall my sphere is red, but how can I **hide **this?

This is my blueprint character with the macro “Detect wall” here :

I use a “Single Sphere Trace For Objects” I thinks that is the problem but how can I **solve **this (hide)?

Thanks to help me!

Resize the capsule in shape options.

Of course not, no capsule no collision.


Well… I already knew that, but I can’t move this, I can only change the “Capsule Half Height” and the “Capsule Radius” but, this don’t help me because, if I want to move my capsule on left or the right, i can’t make it with that.

Thanks to try to help me

why?, Move the capsule dont have any sense. the capsule and the mesh need have in the same place.

But the sphere need to fill the mesh because if something colide with the head nothing will happened and I want that all of the body can collide.

yes of course but wahy you need teh capsule move “capsule on left or the right,”

Because I need to center the capsule on the Mesh. I need X,Y,Z.

sorry, in you screenshoot the mesh look center.

The hips of your mesh need to be in the 0,0,0.

Please, i want center on the center of the mesh not on the midle of axes.
The question is not why I ask this question but how can I solve this.

Nobody can help me?

Either resize / rescale your mesh, or increase the capsule height. You can’t move the capsule component, but you can change the location of your mesh in relation to the capsule component.

The Capsule Component cannot be moved, because :

a) it is the root component
b) it is hard-coded in the ACharacter.cpp file. You would need to change the source code to be able to move it.

You MUST move your MESH to fit inside the Capsule Component. You will also want to scale it to make it fit in the default size Capsule.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: