Line follower robot | Unreal Engine 4 Animated short

My vision:

My intention was to facilitate the understanding of the missions in a robot competition, as I participated last year, I realized that the rules were ambiguous and the written rules did not illustrate with much ease to which they referred.

So it occurred to me this year that I did not participate, to propose to the organizers the idea of ​​doing some animations that explain the rules visually, they answered me, that I had 2 weeks to present a proposal, so I did it! Concept, Modeling, Rigging, Animation, and of course, rendered in UE4!

Here I leave a render that I did in Vray, to be clear as I wanted to see my final product.

and here is what I presented to the client in my proposal

I would have liked to add uv, put textures, create or look for some materials, but the time was too short, now I feel bad, and I do not know if those little details made that my proposal was not accepted.

Please give your opinion I will really appreciate it.

What did I do wrong?
It was too short?

Sorry for the bad English.