Line Debug collision

Hello all!
I have a question for you: I have a Character with a Mesh without physicsBody. I have create Simple Line Trace and I wish it collide with my mesh… it is possibile?
Thanks all for help!

anyone can help me please?

anyone can help me please?

Yes, it is. ^^
You can create collision channels for trace, if the standardchannels are not enough for you.

Hello Luftbauch! Thanks for your answer! I have try with collision channels for trace, but it doesn’t work without physics body… :frowning:

Hmm perhaps i am not experienced enough in that section, but when you have a bp-actor for example and trace for another bp-actor, and you created a usable collision channel…
Then you have to activate “generate” overlap events on both, if you use overlap stuff.
Disable other channels while testing, set on both to overlap, use print string everywhere to check what is going on.
It would be helpful sharing screens if possible.