Limiting the height my character can reach?

Hey Everyone! I’m wondering how would I make it so that once my Character reaches a certain height, he starts to go down?

Currently I have this.

So this is my problem. My character gets YEETed into the sky. Any solutions would be amazing!


1.) Simplest solution, increase gravity for the player from the movement component.
2.) Put an invisible geometry in the sky, preferably a block and not a plane as actors in movement can get calculated and popped through a plane with planes being so thin.
3.) On tick, or preferably a less frequent “timer by event”, check the players Z location, if greater than your preferred height, add a -z velocity, or increase gravity (from the movement component).
4.) As a player, Id prefer a smooth adjustment so, on Timer by event with a .5s looping, get z location and increment gravity (from the movement component) as the player goes higher, decreasing gravity as the player gets lower.

Good luck!


This is really helpful! I’ll give this a shot. Thank you for your input.

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Run a lessequal node whenever you’re setting your character height.