Limiting Scalar Slider Range?

What happened to this functionality? I distinctly remember being able to set min/max values for sliders. Or am I going crazy and that was in some other material expression?
I know I can clamp the output of the scalar or even add extra math to make it rollover to my range min once it passes max.
I don’t want to do any of this even though I know how. I’m working on a market place item and I want to reduce confusion by limiting the slider range in the material instance.

Are you talking about the material editor or C++ code?
In C++ it’s still the same…

The material editor. I remember under the parameter value there used to be an option to enter values for min/max slider range.

Do you mean about the “Clamp” node?

Nope, but I am having the ranges you are talking about. I am with UE 4.9.2.


Yeah I don’t have the slider min slider max entries! I knew I wasn’t crazy! Oh maybe because it’s the UT editor? I’ll have to switch the project over. I was building this project as a subset of my CTF map.
Thanks for jogging my brain. :cheers:

No problems, good luck with your project. :slight_smile:

Hey, I know it’s an old thread, but I have a similar question, which I can’t find answer for. Hope someone may answer here. I would like to limit my scalar value range to only 0,0 - 1,0, but my actual clamp values are different, for example I have a parameter with min value 20 and max 200, is it possible to translate this range to min 0 max 1 in material instance? My goal here is to make the material super user friendly

Yeah you just need to connect your Scalar Parameter to a RemapValueRange node. In your case you’d set it to Input Low = 0, Input High = 1, Target Low = 20, Target High = 100.

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