Limiting output?

Hi. I’m currently doing sound for a game that potentially has a lot of exploding objects in it.
If i have a lot of these objects exploding at the same time (with a second or less in between), i get clipping on the output. Is there a way to compress/limit the output?


Hi. I have a project with lots of explosions going on. I sometimes get clipping. Is there a way to limit the output? Or as a last resort, will turning down the master output work? What is the best way to go about this? Everything is pretty well balanced dialog/vs explosions etc.

You can reduce the volume on your master class, or you can set the platform headroom (in an engine ini file). Or, if you’re using the new audio mixer, add a master compressor on the master submix.

Hi, the19thbear!

If you’re using the New Audio Engine, you can add a Master Compressor Submix Effect which includes a Limiter (among other things). Refer to the sticky on the New Audio Engine for details on doing that.

However, along side of limiting output, I would also consider limiting input. Depending on what kind of explody game you’re making, you might design explosions that combine well with one another–perhaps a variety of explosions that occupy a variety of the spectral bandwidth or that on the whole have more dynamic diversity.

Prototyping in your DAW without master effects is a great way to build strong Game Audio soundscape foundations!

Good luck!

EDIT: Ah yes, one more thing, if you find explosions happening in groups often, you might design a variety of group explosions or different sized explosions and use scripting to switch between the type of explosion you want to hear depending on the gameplay scenario.