Limited max speed / velocity for simulate physic actor?

Hi , I created a ball actor for player to kick , and set it to simulate all the time ,
but sometimes it get hit too far and too fast , I was wonder is there anything I can do for it .
because I don’t want a ball fly like a bullet .

I tried messing around with the mass but no effect at all ,
also I know if I use projectile movement there is max speed option ,
but projectile stop simulate when they’re stop moving .
messing around with linear damping isn’t quite like the way I want , the ball fly like a bullet still , but instantly stop .
So I would like to know if it’s possible to set max speed for physic simulate actor , or any similar way .

I have the same problem. I want to limit the maximum speed of a simulate physics actor (that use different movement components than ProjectileMovement or none at all) because my actors can currently gain enough speed to clip through walls. In my game, the player can add impulse telekinetically (line trace), and repeating this on the same object eventually causes it to gain too much speed. I imagine the same issue would occur for balls bouncing in a room made of a physical material with restitution > 1.0, eventually the balls would bounce fast enough to clip through the walls.

For anyone wondering. I had a similar problem and solved it through these steps:

If needed it can be made faster by adding the squared values of the vector instead of calling the VectorLength method, beacuse this one also extracts the square root of this sum, which is not necessary.
Otherwise you can split the velocity and clamp those scalar values before making a new vector and setting the velocity.
This way you have finer control how fast your actor can move. on which axis or even just limit one axis and just pass the other values.