Limited freelook camera with position snapping

I am trying to figure out how to create a free look camera that has a user(me) set limited rotation/yaw similar to that of your head, that operates off an InputAction. The camera should allow the player to look freely within the allowed rotation/yaw that has been set, and should not affect player direction (it should only affect the head). However on top of that I want to be able to snap to the direction of the camera and turn the entire player to that direction on another input and disable the freelook and allow full player control again. Similiar to the arma freelook camera.

Any help is appreciated thanks.

Hi Wicked,

Please take a look at your other camera question. I just need some clarification on exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

Here is the freelook example - Freelook cam example - YouTube

When I press and hold a button the camera is free to rotate/yaw within a certain limit, without affecting the players physical movement. When I let go it snaps back to the players center of aim. If i try to shoot while looking I need to snap back and turn manually to the point of interest. Instead I want the entire player to snap out of freelook and turn to where my camera vector is if that makes sense? instead of snapping back to players center of aim.