Limited ammount of AI controllers at a time?

Hi! I am new to these forums and I do not know where to post this. I am having an issue where I am trying to spawn Actors that have AI controllers in them, when I spawn them they do fine until their numbers reach 130-140s. This is when their AI just wont work, they don’t move at all. I am using a Behavior tree for moving them, and the AI Controller is attached to the Character. I am using Spawn Actor to spawn them, I tried Spawn AI from class with the same results. Casting the result to my class so I can initialize the First Way point to walk towards as well as Running the behavior tree, after the numbers reach 130-140 the actual cast fails on everything it spawns.

Thank you.

I found the issue, I am using a Crowd Detour AI Controller and these look at ALL other crowd controllers regardless of distance. The default hard limit is 50 in the project settings and every AI spawn creates the blueprint plus the AI controller, so that makes 100 spawns (30 other objects were already in the scene). Increasing the number seems to permanently increase the memory usage of the application as well, so if I want to have 300 Crowd Detour Controllers then it will have to take enough memory for 300 of those before hand, even if they have not spawned yet.
I will be creating a kind of flocking system to replace this issue, this way I can give it a radius to detect other objects and they won’t need to keep track of each other at all times.