Limit slider to increase value by one during drag?


Ok, so I’m a modder for ARK: Survival Evolved, and unfortunately they’re using a heavily customised 4.5.1 engine, which has a lot of UMG issues and limitations that were fixed/opened up in later engines.

What I want to know is if it’s possible to rig up sliders to not jump multiple integers when dragging the handle?

The image shows how they’re rigged currently, and unfortunately I need quite large values, or larger(as they’re going to be customisable in-game). Is it a matter of maths or will it be something else to get it working how I would like?

For example, the “Quantity” slider jumps to 5 from 0 as the first value it sets, and this is not ideal. I was originally using SpinBoxes, but as this mod to the game is meant to be a replacement/enhancement of what is originally in the game I am trying to keep the UI’s in as close of likeness as I can wherever possible.

Note: This is for a game, C++ access is not provided so I’m to make do with what I’ve got(4.5.1 nodes/functions and everything Wildcard added) - thankfully we have macros available so I’ve been able to make use of those extensively.

Any help/information/tips is appreciated.