Limit Release a Matinee film



Hi everyone, I am David and I am happy to be presenting “Limit Release” possibly the oldest, largest and most supported 3D fan animation dedicated to Armored Core. This project was made on UDK originally and was a short 14 minute matinee animation, it helped me learn how UDK/Unreal Engine 3 worked and the result was a tribute to an old Playstation series of games, now that Unreal Engine 4 has been released I saw the chance to learn how to use it aswell, so I decided to make a much longer animation, similar to a film in length using Unreal Engine 4 to push for more detail and visual quality.

Project History
Back in 2009 the project was but a pipe dream, at the end of 2012 I finished a small animation after completing all the art assets, animations and other work like editing myself, the stats for the animation at the time I post this are as follows ;

The most awesome and notable things that have happened during the project include ;

The 2012 animation
“OVA” (Original Video Animation)

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**Gallery for the original UDK small animation **

The Future of the project
2013 and onwards

After releasing the original short animation in Dec 2012 (which can be seen above) I took a large break from things, I had planned for this to be my last 3D tribute project and had planned to try my hand at creating a game, but I ended up just chilling out till around April 2013.

This was around the same time I got back into the video games industry, so I spent most of my time on my lunch breaks looking around the internet, this lead to me showing my co workers the project and I started to notice the comments number rising, after looking through the comments I found that the criticism was very valid and can be summarized as follows;

So after thinking things over I decided to come back to the project I had started and to improve it, with the original being a learning experience in making better textures and animation (animation didn`t improve too much), I decided I would again use to the project to improve on everything.

The focus of the project now is to create a visual experience that makes everyone forget about the first animation completely, I am not embarrassed by my work on it but rather I am aiming as high as I can because I am confident. So to do this I set about correcting one of the biggest mistakes from the original animation, I retconned all the multiple universe stuff I had tried to mix into the story line and instead wrote a script focusing on generations 1 and 2 of Armored Cores time line.

While writing this script I managed to get help from one of my long time friends “Sandro”, he is currently the character artist for the project creating high detail characters and I am currently doing all the mechanical parts for the project and we have been working ever since.

2014 Work in Development
We try to make our content as accurate as possible from scratch

Live streaming behind the scenes

While we work, we also stream our development for everyone to see, it allows us to show people the work being done and answer any questions asked, we are on a set schedule of streaming every Wed and Sat at 10:00pm GMT +0 (London Time).

Plans for Unreal Engine 4 and how you can be a part of the film

We are working hard to create all new content for the movie, all the previous work from 2009-2012 has been scrapped and we are redoing everything in higher detail, this time taking more of an advantage with normal maps, more complex materials, a higher polygon count, and the focus on a narrative driven by human characters, not just fights with the robots, to find out about how you can help, or even get a part in the film and for more please visit our community links below.