limit player respawns to 3 and show game over screen?

Hi Peoples

I am trying in blueprint to limit my player spawns to 3 and on the final death I want my game over hud to show up. It seems like a simple thing but i have looked high and low for clear direct tutorials or instructions and cant seem to find anything that directly addresses this. My player takes damage and respawns on loop after 3 seconds, but I just want a 3 lives max. I am making a top down single person shooter, not MP. As a further option and if i can get help, I would like to have a lives image that decreases also on death, obviously just in the standard gameplay hud.

If anyone can help me out at all or even direct me further i would really appreciate it.



Maybe not the best way (I am not sure), but if I were you, I will start from GameMode:-

Thanks, Im not sure this is directly related. It doesn’t seem to cover the actual blueprint setup for what i need, more s starting place.