Limit on Scaleform subwidget nesting?

I’m have an issue whereby I have a GfxObject that is nested 5 deep in other GfxObjects.

Each have enableInitCallback = true and when they are added to the stage (addChild() within their parent), call the following function on the parent that they were added to:

event bool WidgetInitialized(name WidgetName, name WidgetPath, GFxObject Widget)

However, what I’m finding is that the GfxObject that is nested 5 deep, is calling WidgetInitialized() on the parent of it’s parent (rather than it’s parent)…

Is there a limit on how far deep you can nest these objects in terms of the widget binding? Or does this sound like I have a bug somewhere…? Very confused.

I figured this out. It was because I was assigning the name of the subwidget in it’s

override protected function configUI():void {}

function. And I needed to assign it it’s name before adding it to the stage.