Limit Game and UI Only?

Mouse can still work if I left or right click, unfortunately.
Also, my guy still rotates slightly with your proposed node. He won’t move which is good enough :slight_smile:
But anything else which ignores everything except buttons I wish?

Thanks that seems like it should work!

No problem! Make sure to set this question as resolved :slight_smile:

I want Game and UI control. But I only want one or two buttons from Game.

How can I prevent Game and UI from allowing all Game inputs?

To be exact, I don’t want movement allowed when in Game and UI. I just want a button which flip flops between Game and UI and just Game. But just UI won’t let me even press that one button which flip flops, which is why I need “GAME and UI”

Have you tried “set ignore move input”? This will disable your movement at anytime(including in UI).


Set ignore look will stop the mouse rotations for the character. You’ll have to put a boolean after your mouse events (to check if you’re in your UI or not) in order to stop character clicks while in the UI