Limit download speed?

Hi all, I’m on a fairly mediocre ISP and when downloading UE4 updates I find it hogs all available download bandwidth, is there any way to limit it to a preferable amount?

You can use something like NetLimiter to do that.

Old thread but still very relevant. This feature should be integrated into the launcher. It can be simple like GOG Galaxy or more complex like steam but not having it at all doesn’t help a lot of people and installing more software is more of a inconvenience than a solution.

Can’t you use NetLimiter as suggested above?

I don’t see this as an important feature in this day and age.

Many other Programs are able to limit download speeds, I’d rather not have to download more software just to limit the speed of this single download, I think it’d be a great idea to have a way to limit the download speed.

I would also like to have a way to limit the download, both in “Engine Versions” and in new items “Vault”. And taking advantage of the space, I would like to strengthen this idea with two CONCEPTIONS I did in Photoshop. It would be something cool!

2016-07-24_231950 - 01.jpg

2016-07-24_231950 - 03.jpg

2016-07-24_231950 - 02.jpg

2016-07-24_231950 - 04.jpg

2016-07-24_231950 - 05.jpg