Limit Camera Rotation


i’m using the Third Person Blueprint Project and attached the Camera to the Head Bone to make a First Person Game, so you can walk in that Way where you look with your Mouse :rolleyes: (Just like an FP Game works)
The Movement itself Works, but i made a Climbing Mechanics and the Problem is when i’m hanging at the Ledge, i can Rotate the Camera 360 Degrees!
How can i limit them to 180 Degrees?

I allready tryed it but it does not work, any ideas?

It is called from the Tick Event and the YawCamRotation Variable is set (Not the Tick Event) when i go into the Climb State (Look Direction to the Wall).



This example is based on the Third Person Template.

  1. Make a new blueprint that extends PlayerController,
  2. in the World Settings change the Controller variable to the blueprint you just created

Open up your Controller blueprint and use this method to clamp the rotation:

Hopefully that should do it for you :slight_smile:

Thanks, it’s working :smiley:

So does right clicking on the blueprint and choosing “Create Blueprint Based On This” Extend the blueprint or is that making a copy or instance of it?

How do you make it so the pawn will start rotating once the camera hits the limit? Right now this just makes it so the camera is limited, but you can no longer rotate.

If I set this AND the UseControllerRotationYaw, it just rotates the pawn with the camera.

I need the blueprint, the image link does not work !


Link does not work. Can I have another link of the same image? Thanks!