Ligthing controlled by the clock and timezone


I would like to have a direct control over the time of day without having to rotate the DIRECTIONAL LIGHT.

I believe there may be a blueprint for this but I guess it should come with a tool or a special light where you can precicely set the time of day or night and the timezone so that you get an accurate simulation of shadows cast in a specific place in the world.

I know that is a tool used mostly in Architectural Visualization but it could prove useful also to Game developers as well.
It is available in 3ds max and Sketchup and other packages. It’s simply called Daylight system.

If this issue has been raised or solved, or maybe there is a tool like that already I look forward to someone directing me to it.



to rotate the sun you can use something like this -> Dropbox - DayNightBP.png - Simplify your life

If you want to have it a bit more real, you need to implement the time + timezone + position (geo-length & -width) in your calculation.

I did it by implementing a calculation like this ->

At the end you get ‘Elevation’ and ‘Azimuth’. You need to apply both rotations on your directional light, like in the first link.

I know you dont want to set the directional light, but I think that this is the only way.

You need to rotate it with this as your calculation.

Why do you not want to rotate the directional light?

Thanks for the link. I will look at it.

I don’t mind rotating the directional light but…it takes time and some attention to calculate. That’s all. I’d rather have a straight-forward direct input of the timezone and clock so that I don’t have to think about it and focus on other more creative and engaging parts of the work.

Hello Gentlemen,

There are a few people working on such a system here:

I have downloaded it and played with it some and it seems promising. I plan on expanding apon it for use ant work and possibly for my own projects at well!

Ryan Dashkevicz

I don’t think it’s a MUST HAVE feature, you can easily setup it with Blurprints.