Lightsabers [WIP]

No timeline for release as this is just a side project on top of a full time job and support of 2 released games (with an upcoming PS4/PSVR release). If I can finish up the new damage changes this weekend to properly dismember the bots as a lightsaber should, I will package and post the current progress.

I haven’t tried that one but I’ll certainly check it out. Thanks!

I fully agree and it’s something I’m currently working to address. I didn’t really take the bullet thing into consideration though. I really like that idea so I’ll see about working that in.

Yup, that’s what I used to get started. Be sure to copy it and any Fortnite assets referenced over to your mod’s content directory or you’ll run into some crashes when you load the mod in the game. I originally re-parented as one of the Odin parent classes but later discovered that it was unnecessary as the Fortnite weapon bp parent classes will work fine as is. I should finally have some free time this weekend to work on this some more. I’m still experimenting with proper impact damages so it feels more like a lightsaber rather than a blunt weapon.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Hopefully, we can learn from each other!

Thanks for the heads up, Chance!

can’t wait to see when it finish, good job and keep it up :smiley:

(btw need a video with lighsaber sound)

Dude this looks like so much fun ermahgerd!! I cant wait!

Oh man… Would it be possible to have Darth maul’s saber in there? voom vwoom vwoom double bladed actioooonnn

Can’t wait to give this a try once it’s uploaded! Looks great so far.

Any update or release on this yet?

Is this on the marketplace yet?