Lights Inside Of Blueprints

Hey all. I’m trying to add 4 point lights inside an actor blueprint that’s already been animated with matinee. There is a only a single mesh inside the the blueprint & I need to position the four point lights at specific locations on the model. I can’t use the new “Add Component” feature because all the lights simply take on the blueprints position/rotation data & I need them to be offset. If I drag the lights into the blueprint, I can position them the way I want but the lights properties (brightness, falloff, color etc…) are not displayed inside the blueprint, and it’s not letting me edit the parameters outside the blueprint. How do I , for example, change the light’s color? (also the lights have red x’s on them…)


Still haven’t found a solution to this…is it not doable?

Wild idea appeared. You can set those 4 point lights anywhere in the level (just point light actors), and create 4 variables for them inside your Blueprint, making those variables Editable. Then, in the level, you assign those 4 point lights to the 4 variables in your Blueprint and, in the Blueprint’s Construction Script, you use your variables and set their relative locations.

Hope it helps!

Drag the light in to your event graph. You can edit it in that blueprint.

else in another BP