Lightning Returns 2 : Final Fantasy XIII WIP

Hi ,
I’m making a sequel of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
It will be a hack and slash game ( with free roaming )
My WIP video : UE4 - Lightning Returns 2 WIP (Cancelled) - YouTube
I will need a help of people so this project can be completed fast :slight_smile:
I’m recruiting someone who can make maps , someone who can do special effects , someone who has atleast 2 kinects ( for the cinematics ofcourse :smiley: ) and someone who can work with blueprints in unreal engine 4

Now her sword is more like an hack and slashable position and looks more badass

But something is wrong with her face that i cant fix :confused:
help pls :frowning:

You may want to look into a little something called copyright.

yes i knowww :frowning:
but i want sequel so bad , and im kinda bored of their combat system
hack and slash fits the game more