[Lightning problem] When Building shadow goes too black

soo after building my lightning a got these error

and the shadow on the ship is too dark like thisit should be at least like this one when the light is not buildand this is the one in game, and when im here is there anyway to remove the shiny on every model it look like a but butter on it

Your first image indicates your problem getting the black shadows to be overlapping UV’s. Temporary work around to this is to click on the mesh/object and set the mobility to movable and then rebuild the lighting or vice versa (I can’t remember)…It is high advised to rework your UV’s to avoid problems down the road.

As for your second problem on it being shiny, you have no specular map/texture and so another temporary solution is to open up the material in the editor, right click and add a Power node, plug the end into the specular node then adjust the power numbers. One again it is advised to use use a proper specular map. A good tool for generating speculars is Crazy Bump.

Thanks man youre a life saver!

Your welcome! Glad I could help. BTW you can create normal maps using CrazyBump tool or using Photoshop Extended versions.

i try using crazybump but i didnt archive to make it work … but at least now i got a walk around its fine for me but i dont know if it gonna cause big problem at the end… =/