Lightning flashes funny story ...

This is of course completely off topic but its such a funny story I just have to share it.
I am doing this visual effects’ shot for a client’s short film.
Adding a tropical storm background behind a supernatural scene.
So … he goes and buys stock footage off a website of a tropical storm.
he finds this MASSIVE file that runs for 10 minutes with amazingly beautiful lighting in it.
Its all good and you think wow he is getting great value for his money …
… Then I download it from a link he sent me after he paid for it.
As I am working through the clip choosing the best flashes I notice that there are in fact only 4 different flashes but they
loop over and over again.
To hide it they looped it out of sequence every time too so it doesn’t look like its repeating.
Very funny :slight_smile:

Did you tell him that he was ripped off?

Yup. Right away after I noticed that :slight_smile: