Lightmass stuck at 99.64% for a very long time, should I wait or is it a bug?


I have encountered another problem. I wanted to build my final Lightmass for arch-viz project and after 3 hours it reached 99.64% and it’s stuck there for about 8 hours now. There is still one core processing on Swarm Agent and when I look it up on Windows Task Manager, it’s still using some CPU and memory (memory changes all the time between 30 and 40Mb).

I’m not sure if I should just be patient or is it a bug. Previous Ligtmass build took 2.5 Hours and since then I added some meshes and increased few Lightmass texture sizes on some meshes so the scene didn’t change that much.

Question is, should I be patient or is it going nowhere? And if it is going nowhere, how to fix that?

Engine build: 4.10.2




Maybe a bug? Sometimes Lightmass keeps calculating when you deleted objects from the default scene with content. try re-placing some of the objects that come with default scene, floors, lamps, chairs, etc. Try doing it with minimal quality settings to test it before going full production.

my light builds get stuck when i have lightmassimportance volume in the level. if i remove it, then the lightbuild works.