Lightmass: multi-bounced sky lighting

Have a skylight set to static or stationary, bake lighting.

It is static and the light is already baked.

Compare my screenshot above with that:

There’s no baked lighting in your screen shot. Is the room a static mesh set to static?

Everything is set to static and the light IS baked.

Is the sky light set to cast shadows?

Very good news! Thanks Daniel Wright! now we can start to play :smiley:

Yes. I wouldn’t ask if I hadn’t check everything.

You guys are friken awesome… !!! Epic in fact!!

There’s not mention of multi baounce lighting or improvements to light mass in Trello for 4.18

Read the github master branch commit messages, it’s in the one where they merged DEV-Rendering into master.

jonimake OK not read that, still think its an improvement worth shouting about !!!

Awesome work! Now I’m really looking forward to 4.18, the improvements look great =D

Ok good, I was about to start, but I can wait until 4.18 to give a try :slight_smile:

I’m gonna assume that since it hasn’t been answered, there’s no way to get this to work on a mac.

Is there? lol

4.18 has made changes to get rid of light leaking but it still leaves scenes much darker than this hack.

First off - thank you very much for your brilliant solution,** Loushuang! **

For a long time I couldn’t realise, that the skylight should be set to static and I was wondering what is going on and why is there no difference at all…
Now that out of the way, as of 4.17, the light bake of my project takes quite literally - forever. I’ve replaced the 4.17 UnrealLightmass.exe with the appropriate one and the build process simply doesn’t get anywhere…
On 4.16 the job normally took about 8.5hrs. On 4.17, 6hrs in and I’m still collecting photons and sitting on 0.00%. The project’s World Settings as well as the setting inside BaseLightmass.ini are identical between 4.16 and 4.17.

Any ideas what might have gone wrong?

Hello Everyone. I’m new here and making my first environment in UE4. Might not be a question for here but can anyone give me suggestion on lighting? When building an environment should i setup basic lights and tackle the lighting in the end for the scene or should I go with it side by side. Thank you again.

4.18 preview is out, time for more comparisons.

4.18 work with datasmith plug ?

No, it doesn’t look like it since 4.18 is just preview version. I was able to import to 4.17 with datasmith then convert that project to 4.18 for testing however.