Lightmap UV-s

So i done my model of sofa in max, instanced some parts, imported over datasmith (because of instance). In max 2 channel made lightmaps, now they are 0 in UE4, so I have to go and put source light index to 0 (because by default it is 1) and destination light index to 3 (because 2 channel is UV of texture). Still dont get it why we have destination light index when we have 0 channel for lightmap? Anyway is there faster option for this because now I have to go in every model and change this source light index and destination light index, and i have bunch of models, thank God they are instanced because it would proboably be quadruple. Is there any MASTER button for these lightmaps , i am loosing my time on boring work…

tnx bro very good tool but i cant change lightmap channels :frowning: