Lightmap UV padding question

Hello, normally I use 1/64 =“0,015625” for UV layout spacing. I use MAYA. On the page…ing/index.html
that shows something different If you scroll down to image which shows spacing with red-1 and green-2. There is the formula is 1/62=0.0161290323. When I make a lightmap I just do layout spacing 0.015625 then normalize UV and layout again with " 0.015625". I can foresee why that use "
0.0161290323" value. Now my question is:

Is that the value that I should use for Layout spacing.
The value 0.0161290323 for both Red1 and Green2 spacing (image on web page) or just for outer spacing ?
I make UV spacing for texture map again “0.015625” Is that wrong ?


UE4 automatically adds a 1 pixel border around lightmap UVs, so 1/62 is correct for the pixel grid.

In 4.23 there were changes to improve the automatic lightmap UV generation

Thanks for your answer, should I use same value for texture uv spacing ?