Lightmap Settings in Construction script

Hey, I’m building modular set and sometimes I want to tweak(override) Lightmap resolution according to the scale of object. Currently I manually change it via Defaults tab after I scale everything, but it would be much better and more efficient if I was able to automate this process with construction script.
It won’t break anything, all these calculations runs before “runtime” and so on :slight_smile:

All lighting properties should be available in the construction script IMO. Right now I have a lot of BPs with an enum for lighting type. Then a select statement picks the corresponding add point light component node. It would be nice to put the light it the components and change the type.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your request. I have entered a feature request, UE-11907 to be considered by the development staff.

How are you, UE-11907? :slight_smile:

Hi zeOrb,

Unfortunately our resources are currently dedicated elsewhere. I don’t have a timeframe of when this will be addressed.

Oh, okay :frowning:

I looking for this too, but this have a problem no ? if the faces have different sizes and you can change the uvmap size the faces with huge sizes will give resolution problems, example if your original model is a box and the uvmap(lightmap) is the faces of the box, if you make a cuboid of 2x2x8 the face 8 will give problems because is stretched from 2x2 in the uv to 2x8 in the model, no ?

Too some degree, but should not a problem. Same lightmap will be used for 2x2x2 and for 2x2x8, but bigger resolution will allow to mitigate issues better
Everything is cuboids on this picture and the farthest has 256 res so it looks better

Bumping, I am interested too as I think it will help in development of SuperGrid :slight_smile:

Bump, this is actually really important for level creation via constructor script.

  • I want to be able to override lightmap resolution per static mesh actor to be able to create multiple sizes of same mesh but still keep the same lightmap density.
  • Manipulate lightmap UV of the individual static mesh actor for scaling lightmap uv coordinates down in either direction so lightmap resolution stays uniform both vertically and horizontally even if mesh is scaled non-uniformly.

Additionally i would like to be able to set all mesh lighting properties for static mesh actor, especially disable or enable “Dynamic Shadow”.

+1 from me on thisone!