Lightmap Resolution Adjustment per Lighting Build

Something that bugs me is that we can only change the Lightmap Resolution of Objects prior the Build.
Wouldn’t it be better if the Lightmap in the StaticMesh Settings would be a base (usually a green Resolution in the LIghtmap Optimization Viewport) and you select a multiplier before the Build?
I know we can use Build->Lighting Info -> Lightmap Resolution Adjustment but it changes the Lightmap Resolution directly.

Maybe Lightmap Bake Presets (Preview, Medium, High, Production) should have an additional property “Lightmap Resolution Scale” for this…

I’m not sure you’d want to do an overall multiplier, but there should at least be a way to lower the resolution without having to rebuild the lightmap

Well, it would have the advantage that you don’t have to fiddle with the Lightmap Resolution anymore, since you build with a customizable Multiplier when building lighting.
My idea was just to use it as an adjustment for the Preview Build. Even with Preview Setting, Building light can take a lot of time. Iteration times can be faster when you bake light with lower Lightmap Resolutions. It’s just for getting an idea what the light should look like (and also to get rid of performance drops due to unbuilt objects/lights)

The chance that you’d want to multiply every lightmap is very low, most likely you’re going to want to increase some and not others.

I can see the benefit too. Sometimes those few large res things really push up the light build time. A basic multiplier would be good, but like darthviper says you might not want to multiply everything, so a MaxResolution value - just to cut out those really large ones - could do the trick. These could just be two hidden settings in Lightmass.ini for advanced users, if cluttering the UI is an issue.