Lightmap mips on lod change


As far as I can tell, unreal bakes 1 lightmap based off of LOD0 for all LODS.
All our LODS are created to have as close UVs as possible to LOD0 in the UV channel.
When LODS switch out, the lightmap resolution jumps significantly and I can’t find a way to change it.

I tried:
Manually turning off streaming and mips on the lightmaps
Setting the max lightmap resolution on all LODS
Turning off streaming in the config file
Setting the texture quality in the level blueprint to max settings

Nothing seems to work.
During all these attempts, I didn’t notice any change.

Further info:
Fresh Virtual Reality project on 4.27.1
Nothing has been changes so far, only started compiling art.
This is a project for Quest 2 but the issue occurs regardless of target platform.
The resolution not only seems to drop drastically but also the light values change between lightmaps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Anything comes to mind?

Yes! I have the same problem, don’t know how to fix it.