Lightmap Issues

Hi everyone. This is my first post. Since i started to understand Unreal and how to export/import from 3DS max, I have finally been able to overcome many obstacles, except for one. Do not understand why the lightsmaps created as prewview quality looks much better than the production quality.
I made a desing based on a single geo ( a house ), then clear the smoothing groups, then unwarp it, then export it, the geo looks perfect, collision as well, ligthmaps settings on UNREAL are very high, also the size of the ligtmap. A lot of indirect ilumination on light sources but at the end i have this.
Is there any one who can explain me what could be the reasson?.

In the past i made some nice projects using Quest3D, so im not a begginer on this matter. But this thing im asking abouot, is driving me crazy.

Thanks !

Could be the resolution. Where are they sitting at currently?

resolution of the ligthmap/geo is at 2048, so it should be more than enough. But even do, it doesnt solve the big diference on the preview Q and the PRODUCTION Q. Looks like Preview Q works better in this case.

btw SE_JonF… amazing your SCI FI enviroment… really amazing job.

What do your lightmap UVs look like? It could be that they’re bleeding? The entire house seems to be one mesh and that may not be the best thing to do for something of that size.

And thank you, glad you like them. =)

Thanks SE_JonF for the tip. I thought one mesh is better than many meshes. May be there is the problem. I saw other projects on the net, and they make basically for each wall a single geo. I will try that. My UV is 1 and i had selected on the Ligthmap index also 1 ( weach is the UV i got inside 3ds max using UNW

ARP modifier )

i see now, that i had all the windows, windows frame, door, walls, roof, floor… everything in one single mesh. I will try do it separatly.

Yeah looking at the image above the resolution for the light map of the entire house is low even at 2048, and the islands are too close to each other which will cause bleeding especially at lower resolutions. Try splitting up the pieces, and redesigning the lightmap uvs. You will want to make sure any uv islands you use have sufficient padding between one another as well. When you build lighting, the editor will notify you on completion if the lightmaps are overlapping. Whichever mesh it names will need to have its spacing optimized. Keep at it until there are no more overlap errors. Good luck! =)

Thanks a lot SE_JonF !

Don’t mention it! Be sure to follow up and let us know if it was resolved. =)