Lightmap building Stuck at 0%

Hey there,
I got my scene all modeled, textured and modeled, however when I try build it again recently the lightmap just gets stuck at 0%.
It used to work fine however for some reason now it wont get past that point.
I have the Importance Volume in the scene around the area.

Any ideas?


How long did you give it? Because when rebuilding a level for me, it will sometimes act like it’s frozen at 0% for a couple minutes, with the CPU load at 100% while it is “Exporting Lighting Data”.
First time happened to me I forced it to shut down as I didn’t know any better, but it should go beyond that point after a short pause.

Try letting it run for a bit and see if it will continue, depending on your hardware (cpu mostly) and scene complexity, it may take a little bit.

Open up swarm (little icon in the systray) and look at the bar -> when it is moving, just wait a little bit longer

I gave it 30 min, when i look in swarm it shows it moving it just doesn’t change any %.
There is only 10 Static lights in the scene.

Intel i7-4820k 3.90GHz
Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 Ti
32GB ram

any ideas?

Do you use windows or OSX?

I use Windows 8

Hmm, pretty strange:

  1. does happen in every map?

Yes: also with static meshes from epic games? Have you already tried to build the light in another project?
No: select all your meshes -> copy them -> paste them into the new map

  1. Have you started the engine with admin rights?

At the start it doesn’t, however after a period of time it just gets stuck at 0%.
I imported my models into other projects, again works fine for a while then gets stuck again :frowning: