Lighting workflow

Hello guys. I have posted it on another thread but I think most people didn’t see.

Here is a link about my lighting workflow since I started work on UE4, (more than one year ago)

Hope this can be helpful for anyone.


Thank you Rafael!

I like your approach, keep it simple! Efficient!

My favorite passage : ‘‘If any of your indoors is too dark, we simply use the method from real life … Open your windows, doors and turn on the lights.’’

Thanks a lot for putting this article together, it has helped me a lot on my current project! :slight_smile:

Awesome. Thank you and I can’t wait to see it added onto. Pin this.

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Sticky thread now! This is way too important for whoever wants to create ArchViz content :slight_smile:

Thanks again Rafareis!

Thank you very much Rafael!!!

thanks so much raf! I strongly recommended to everyone reading this to go over koola and raghu’s threads that basically started this whole thing - you’ll learn more from them than anything and this guide by raf is the epic summary of all it

Thank you very much for being awesome.

When I saw your UE4Arch videos I was mindblown, and immediately thought I should jump on this real-time archviz bandwagon. I’ll happily buy some of your apartment scenes to study them once I have my finances sorted out. I feel humbled to even contact you on the same forum.

Thanks for this- an awesome resource!

Sweet ! thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Great piece of knowledge! Thanks Rafareis!

The best thing i have ever read about Unreal Engine. Thank you so much for creating new perspectives.

Thank you very much for this Rafareis !

I have a quick question.
In the beginning of your workflow you mention starting values for the following parameters in editor :

Static Lighting Level Scale   = 1.0
Num Indirect Lighting Bounces = 20
Indirect Lighting Quality     = 10
Indirect Lighting Smoothness  = 1.1

After that, only one of these editor parameters is mentionned & modified, its “Static Lighting Level Scale”, along with modifications in the ini file.
Does you keep the other parameters of the editor (num indirect bounces = 20 /indirect quality = 10 / indirect smoothness = 1.1 ) with the same initial values in your workflow ?

edit : added precision

nice workflow!!! thanks rafareis123

Thanks for putting this all together rafareis123!

Awesome! Great guide, and thank you for putting it together!

Thank you very much, it is very useful!

thank you so much. I purchased 2 of your projects for my self-study too.