Lighting Too Dark!?

Guys in my map I’ve got a very weird lighting issue in that in the editor it looks like this:

But in game it looks like this:

I’ve tried using 5 point lights with ever increasing intensities, but makes no difference, what am I doing wrong, it just needs to be a nice daylight interior view?

Your editor is set to unlit (upper left corner) xD
Turn it back to Lit and you see how it looks ingame.
Unlit disables any lighting.

No I’ve set it to unlit because I can’t see anything in the editor otherwise, I’m trying to get it to look bright in game

Unlit is just a viewing mode outside of gameplay to help with editing, it’s not an in-game mode.

No I completely understand that, in editor I’m using unlit so I can see the environment, if I use lit it’s too dark to see, the issue I’ve got is the game is way too dark when played in game mode too, I’m trying to fix this so in game mode I’ve got light

Does the room have windows? Directional light outside shining in the room? If you have lights set up I don’t understand why you can’t see them in the editor. You shouldn’t have to have the engine in unlit mode if you have lights in there. Maybe try a lightmass importance volume. Search YouTube to correctly set that up though.

I’ll give that a shot

Also having too many lights can cause problems. Don’t quote me on this but I think 4 or more lights crossing will cause problems. But if they are set to static they should be okay.

I don’t understand why you wouldn’t light using the lit mode? That will demonstrate through the editor what you’ll see in game. Also for a small room like that, you probably don’t need 5 lights. As someone pointed out too, judging by the door shadows it looks as if you have exterior lights casting shadows in the room. This probably cause an issue as well.

The more I look at your pics I’m starting to think the issue could be with your static meshes. Did you model them? Have they been unwrapped etc?

few things to try/check. I suspect 1 will work.

  1. Make a new material and make it a constant of .5 in the base colour and check 2 sided. If this fixes the lighting then its an issue with either the material you have applied or normals of your models.
  2. Make sure the lights are set to visible - true.
  3. If you have any blueprints referencing the point lights then double check that they aren’t switching them off when you begin play.
  4. try deleting all the point lights and dragging in a fresh point light (just 1) and see if that changes anything.

That’s it off the top of my head.

On the off chance that doesnt work, Are any of the materials in your scene quite complex? i.e. have a lot of textures all in one material?

Cheers for that guys!