Lighting through walls?

I’ve got my lighting setup, pretty much how I want it for my scene that’s basically a series of rooms for a building using a directional light source, unfortunately I forgot to add a ceiling to all the rooms!

Is there a way I can get the light to go through a bsp ceiling so I don’t have to mess with the lighting anymore?

Are you trying to light an interior from outside lighting? Typically you would need to place light sources in each room, just like you would have interior lighting done.

Ah ok, yes I was trying to do that, it’s just I’m pretty scared when I enclose the rooms with a ceiling it’s going to badly affect the lighting and I won’t be able to recreate the nice lighting.

As a quick question in a rectangular room approximately 750x750 how many point lights would you use to light this to give natural daylight effect and what intensity would you set these to, I’m having very mixed results with two rooms one with yellow walls and another with grey to get a similar lighting effect.

I’d really appreciate some help guys!

You need to think of how a room would be lit in the real world–so things like lighting fixtures on the ceiling or lamps and stuff like that. If there’s a window then you can have sunlight coming in from there

Well you could try a post processing volume and use HDR lighting .

I’ve got a ppv in there but How does HDR work?

Well “how” a HDR works is it’s a image package containing a series of images captured at X number of exposure settings. The result is an overall lighting solution base on the PBR nature of the material based on the environment in which it was created and not a procedural increase in contrast that is unbalanced and looks more like an increase in brightness.

Awesomeness for film production as the guy responsible for the visual effects can take a series of HDR based images relative to the camera and can easily match up and add their 3d stuff as if done as a practical effect.

How to make use of HDR in UE4 using a post process.

As you can see an HDR will increase or decrease the lighting “balance” but does not effect the lighting energy coming in from the widow.

looks great, but as an amateur, how would I do that?

Another issue I’ve got is i’ve got two adjoining rooms with a bsp wall in between, one room has a fire (particle effect) but you can see the light flickering in the adjacent room how do you stop this from occurring?

I’d appreciate your help

Particle collision.
How to do it.

Anything more you will have to give me your address so I can come to your house and do it for you. :smiley:

Thanks, I may have to put the tea and biscuits on!