Lighting Test

Hey I have been working with UE4 recently and I quickly slapped together a room using stuff UE4 ships with and just wanted to get some feedback from the community on the lighting of the scence and how I might be able to push it further thanks in advance

There’s nothing there

What do you mean?? Can you not see the picture??

I have guys I would really appreciate is the community took some time to give me a few quick comments about the lighting on this scene and how it can be improved thanks

The image link was broken earlier but it is working now.

As to the scene itself, the first column on the left has some issues, may be a problem with the normal map. Other than that it looks fine.

Thank jacky yeah that column is a bit dark but I don’t think its a normals issue or UVs because all the other columns are the same and and are using the same textures and MATs and they work fine but i might look into. Thanks for the comment Jacky:)