lighting simulations

I know that UE4 was born for videogames but what about the possibility to use it for VR architectural walkthroughs while watching lighting simulations?

I’m waiting for my Oculus DK2 and I would like to realize an immersive project where is possible to watch an effect like this:

I’m asking for dmx i/o

Is it possible to implement it in UE4?


Yeah, you can do something like that. The main thing is managing how many lights cast shadows, you can have many lights that illuminate and don’t cast shadows, and for stuff like the volumetrics you’d have to create a mesh to represent that and then attach it to your light.


A bit of self-promotion here but Lightact offers you to use Art-Net in combination with UE4. You can receive Art-Net with Lightact and pass the value to UE4 and then if you wanted you could grab
UE4 texture and map it to Art-Net/DMX lights.

Check out this page if you want.