Lighting scenarios with 4.26 GPU Lightmass

Hello folks! Today I was relighting a scene with the new GPU Lightmass and I wanted to do more than one relight so I though it would be a good chance to do it with the lighting scenarios feature.
So I did my first lighting and when I try to lighting the other level with the new gpu lightmass, the typically message when you bake the lights and you have to lighting scenarios level types doesnt appear, it just bake and all the light baked together. I did everything as the documentation says, but I think with the new gpu lightmass doesnt work. Does anyone know the way to fix this?
Thank you all for your time.

I wanted to also ask, is GPU Lightmass fixed in latest version of 4.26? Sometimes it crashes the editor, other times it seems to give unpredictable results.

For my experience, it has been everything okay, I followed the unreal documentation about GPU Lightmass and it never crashes @eco_bach2

Could you share your typical settings? When it works it seems to be much much longer than typical baking. My understanding is that speed is really the one advantage of GPU Lightmass.

I always put the default settings till the final bake or before it. The problem is when you are going to build only one lighting scenario with the gpu lightmass, it doesnt detect that there is one or more lighting scenarios and bakes everything together.

Hi ToesK1,

Did you manage to solve the issue with the multiple lighting scenarios on GPU Lightmass? Haha I have been trying to do it as well but I cant.

Hello @clankymacaroon2 ,

Sorry for the late late reply :sweat_smile: I ended up using Luoshuang GPU Lightmass, got me better results and could do light scenarios, I will let you the link down below in case that you need, hope it helps!!