Lighting question for Mobile

Hi everyone,

I have a question about lighting for mobile: if I have several static lights in a scene, plus a stationary directional light, after baking the lighting, must I delete the static lights before launching on the mobile device to avoid performance issues, or is it not necessary? I am wondering because I once launched a scene with 2 static lights plus the stationary directional light and the performance was horrible, and then when I just used the directional light alone, the performance was much better, but the dark parts where I needed the other lights were ofcourse still dark.

In other words, what is the correct procedure for lighting a mobile game with one stationary directional light plus several static lights (or just with several static lights)? Just build lighting and launch/package with all the lights in the scene or delete all the baked lights before launching (although you get the message saying lighting needs to be rebuilt)?